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Long-Term Care Insurance by Welsh Agency Inc.

Long-Term Care Insurance

This insurance is a great option for many people. While health insurance, Medicare, and Medicaid are great starts to being protected from extreme healthcare costs- they don't always cover long-term expenses. These costs are often unexpected and hard to avoid. You can protect yourself now by investing in a plan that will keep you safe no matter what happens.

Also, this is not an option exclusively for seniors, but people of all ages benefit from this insurance.


Long-term care insurance is generally unavailable after a health change, so it is best to invest early and know you are safe. Most long-term care insurance options cover home care, assisted living, hospice, and more. Often these premiums can cover in home care, as well.

This insurance assures you of being able to be financially independent and protected. There are many benefits to this insurance so call today to see if this is the right option for you: (718) 351-6000.